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Transform Your Health & Fitness, Get Your Confidence Back, and Feel Energized

After Weeks Stuck in the House it's Time for a RESTART. In Just 6 Weeks You Can Regain Your Strength, Lose Unwanted Pounds, & Feel Great!
You get our signature personal coaching in our clean, private facility — you'll have your own space and your own equipment the whole time
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You Get Our 3 Components of Success

#1 – Personalized Training

We'll custom design your training program around your fitness level, abilities, and goals. Even if you have never worked out before - or haven't been in a gym in years - we'll help you reach results you want while keeping you safe. You will train 2x or 3x per week with our coaches in our private St.Albert facility for the 6 week program.

#2 – Easy To Follow Nutrition

We'll provide you with 6 weeks of done-for-you simple and easy to follow nutrition guidance and tasty, family friendly recipes. No fads or "crash diets" here, just real wholesome nutrition. AND you won't have to give up everything you love or starve yourself to see the results you want!

#3 – Accountability & Support

In a typical gym you'll just be handed a membership card and no one will remember your name! We do things differently here. We get to know you personally, we'll be here for you every step of the way, and we track your results through the program. You'll always feel welcomed as part of our great community of members.
What To Expect In Just 6 Weeks...
  • Increase Your Energy 
  • ​Build Strength
  • Lose pounds, lose inches & tone up
  • ​Sleep Better & Reduce Stress
  • ​Improve Your Endurance
  • ​Stop Feeling Sluggish
  • ​Boost Your Confidence
  • ​Reduce Aches & Pains
  • ​Feel Amazing! 
Our Commitment to Safety

Physical Distancing

You will be 2 meters apart from other members and coaches. There are clearly marked training zones that you will have entirely to yourself.

Equipment Handling

All equipment is disinfected between each session. You will not be sharing equipment with any other members during your session.

Hand Hygiene

All members are required to wash hands before their session and hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility. Staff wear gloves when disinfecting equipment.

Limited Participants

With a maximum of 3 members with a coach and scheduled session times our facility is never over-crowded and you will have lots of personal space.
10 Years Helping Local Residents...

And Now We Want to Help YOU!

Getting fit and healthy can be challenging, but with the right coaching team, supportive community, and ongoing accountability that consistently moves you towards your health, fitness and fat loss goals, it becomes easier.

If you’re frustrated and unclear with what to do next to improve your weight, fitness and energy levels, but you are serious about looking and feeling better than ever, then we can help you end the struggle and start feeling great.

Our coaching program has been responsible for helping hundreds of St. Albert and Edmonton residents just like you over the last 10 years get in the BEST shape of their lives while feeling better than ever.

We are passionate about helping everyday people look and feel at their best while transforming their quality of life.

No matter what your current level of fitness is, my team and I can show you how to reclaim your body and energy levels so that you can live at your absolute best!

~ Juan Medrano

Check Out What Some of Our Members Have To Say...

They transformed their bodies and changed their lives! Over the last 10 years we have helped 1000+ people reclaim their fitness. Check out what other local residents have to say about their experience...

"I feel charged up! My daughter has asked me to start running with her - she didn’t before because she probably thought I would have a heart attack - now we have been doing 5K and 10K races together. As a farmer I am doing work like a 30 year old again which makes me feel really, really good. I watched my parents fizzle away because they lost their mobility. If they had done what I am going maybe they would still be with us. My motivation is to be fit to be there and be active with my kids." ~ Dale 
"The trainers have a personal interest in me, my program, and my success. They listen to me, are friendly, then push me to improve and challenge myself."
~ Dawn 
"My journey with Movimento started with signing up for a six week challenge. Deep down I knew this is just what I needed to kick-start my new life of being healthy and active. Wow is all I can say. I have never in my life felt so good and energized. I look forward to my Movimento workouts every day. The staff here are by far the best in the business. And while I have been to many gyms over the years, I have never liked any of them or stuck with them."
~ Carmen 
"I feel so much more energized, so much more fit, and have a more positive attitude to take on my day. It’s been 180 degree shift in myself since I started."
~ Rick

"I like the friendly environment and the philosophy behind the programming. I enjoy the strength training and cardio that isn’t just 20 minutes on the treadmill."
~ Michelle

"I have a fairly high stress job so coming into an environment so being able to come here and work on myself instead of my project work is really energizing for me. If you can imagine 18 sticks of butter on a platter that’s how much fat I lost in my first 6 weeks and I have improved ever since from there. I’m still here 3 years later and I’m able to enjoy my life outside of work so much more."
~ Darren 

Located at 250 - 16 Renault Crescent, St.Albert 
Just 5 Minutes off the Henday by Hole's Enjoy Center!
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